The Great Lynda: How I learnt to write a Marketing Copy.

As you can see in my bio, I am a business student in Canada currently enrolled in the course, Social Media Marketing. This course is to enable us to understand what it means to have a positive social media presence selling or promoting things, ideas and business. This week it was required that we watch “Learning to Write Marketing Copy” and blog about it! (that’s what I’m doing); I really like this part of the course since it will teach me how to blog and how to sell ideas on the internet because in the future I want to be an Entrepreneur with an active social presence. Later, during my blogging life I will reveal the kind of entrepreneurship I will explore. Before I forget, I would really like to work for Pepsico to get an actual “hands-on” on what the marketing world entails.

Marketing Copywrighting

Now, let me tell you about what I’ve learnt from watching this video from Lynda- I highly recommend you try this website out if you are interested in having a thriving social media presence doing marketing. From the title of the video link, this video was about writing a marketing copywright. After watching the video I can conclude that Marketing copywrighting should be persuasive as you want your readers/viewers to be persuaded to get the item they initially wanted, now into the item they NEED.  Moreover, marketing copywrighting should use the right words to grab the attention of readers which will ultimately cause them to finish what they started to read. This requires creativity and a bit of appropriate humor.

Writing Copy

Before writing a marketing copywright, you need to prepare yourself properly in order to get the desired result reap maximum achievements. In the video, the speaker spoke about his personal preparations before writing which helped him to focus more and write substantially which is the main goal when you decide to write for assignments, work or anything else that is important. How I get prepared to write: rid all distractions where I am by myself in a secluded area and turn off WiFi connections from both my phone and my laptop- this works wonders. After I have prepared myself to write, I then brainstorm to get guidelines what to write about to help me stay on track with what I’m trying to convey to my readers. Additionally, I need to seek the attention from my target audience so after I brainstorm I need to think of the type of style I plan to use to get this desired effect. Growing up I would always hear from my teachers and my parents to first do a drafting before doing the actual document and submitting it because then the teachers will see the mistakes before you do! Even though doing a draft is a bit time consuming, it helps to reveal the flaws of your document, reduce wordiness and avoid repetition. After drafting, I read over my document aloud because then you can hear the mistake in grammar or context if there is still some mistakes.

When writing a marketing copywright you also need to make sure you are directing the information to your readers as initially that’s the whole point to your writing. As the speaker from the video said, you need to use personal pronouns like “you” and “your” because what other words are more direct than that? After perfecting the draft, you then should have a third party proofread your document because if they can’t understand what you’re trying to say, then how will your target audience understand. A good headline will aid in the success of your marketing copywright since this is the first place you should grab the attention of your readers; the headline should be a brief detailed description of what you wrote about. Create more than one headlines so that you can test the effectiveness of each by asking on a survey website as the video said or you can pay to publish an ad and see which one gets more recognition. According to Learning to Write Marketing Copy headlines are really important. Invest the time, write them carefully, and ensure you think them through (n.d.).

Image result for headlines are important

Source: Strategic Content. (2017, July  29). How to write headlines that get attention. 

Rewriting Existing Copy

To rewrite an existing copy you need to start with just editing rather than rewriting the whole document as this is time consuming and you may lose the idea of what the original writer is conveying. When editing your work or someone else’s you need to look out for wordiness and shorten what the writer wanted to say in a concise way.  Additionally, when editing, the video emphasizes about using the active voice or personal pronouns as it is more effective (you, your). Then after editing, you need to proofread the existing copy for grammars, spelling and punctuation. Lastly, when rewriting for social media the use of photos or imagery related to your topic is important since it is all about seeking the attention from your target audience.

Pepsico essentially covered what was said on Learning to Write Marketing Copy  since I follow them on twitter and noticed that all their posts have some sort of imagery with a short concise description of what the post is about which really grabbed my attention. Moreover, when I googled “news about Pepsico” I saw that their headlines told you exactly what the document was about in a very interesting way. PepsiCo’s CEO Opens Up About Trump, Amazon, and That Kendall Jenner Ad is an example of an headline that caught my attention right away because of how descriptive it is and it previews what the whole document entails.



Lurie, I. (2014, May 5). Learning to Write Marketing Copy. Retrieved from

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