Do you have a YouTube Channel? Do you want to make it better?

Having a website

If you are currently active on YouTube then it’s safe to say that you also do have a website. Having a website provides a platform for businesses or users where other users can get the opportunity to know more about you or the business. With a website you know that you have the full ability to manage anything you want your users to know about you and also on your website to boost credibility. Moreover, it is very important to link your YouTube channel to your website not just for convenience but also reputation.

Having your website and YouTube channel located in a convenient location (your website) allow users to click on your YouTube link and unto your channel. This allows you to earn more money since users that are watching your video on your website, they will notice the ads that are included in your YouTube video. Additionally, if you are a business that sells a product or service the users will also notice that on your website. Don’t forget, if you do post YouTube videos you need to also include or link your website in the video or in the description.

Mentioning your website in your YouTube video will drive traffic to your website and likewise if your include the video on your channel it will increase viewers on your channel. So basically, whenever a user searches for your video they can find it on both your website and on YouTube. Make sure to include 300-350 words in the text article since this will enable you to rank higher in search engines. The text should be about the video and they key words should relate to the video. Also, be very certain that you save a back-up copy of the video you posted on YouTube just in case of the worst scenario and your video is removed.

Consistent Branding

Ensure that throughout all your YouTube videos that you are branding by consistently included your logo or have something that your users can easily use to identify you. Using catch phrases or unique gestures can be used to help better identify you or your business. You can also watch Anson Alexander YouTube channel on tips and tutorials on how to practice branding throughout your YouTube channel. If you do not have a logo it is best to create one as this will be used for the identification of your business; try to include your logo across different social media platforms whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

A short 3 seconds introduction is also important to begin your videos as users tend to get annoyed if your introduction is more than 3 seconds long. In your introduction you can include your logo or catch phrase and a unique sound or beat that users can use to distinguish you no matter the location of the video (on your website or social media). Make sure that you have an unsubscribe trailer to track users watching your videos who aren’t subscribed to your channel as this is very important as well. In the unsubscribe trailer you can include a video that inform users what your channel is about, the expectations and why they should subscribe to your channel. This creates the possibility to get their attention to allow them to subscribe then they will watch more of your videos.

Optimize videos for search engine visibility 

Your videos need to be easily found through Google, Bing and Yahoo so that you will get as many views and subscribers as possible when they are searched for with these engines. Descriptive titles, descriptions and tags will enable your videos to be easily found and it so important for YouTube to use descriptive words whereas your websites, blogs and articles don’t look at metadata anymore. Since with YouTube users can’t readily look at your video and know what it is about, make sure to include relevant title descriptions and tags before you upload the video. You can also use the Wordstream keyword tool to help you develop key words to find your videos easily using different search engines. Attractive descriptive titles are necessary because this will interest the user to have a look at your video, but make sure the search engines and the users can find it.

Entice viewers into viewing multiple videos

To allow users to view multiple videos on your channel, you need to include links of other videos that are similar or attract the same target audience, in the description. You can also add video annotations by adding the link directly in the video for viewers to readily skip to that video. This is in the case that both videos are very similar. If you are already advanced on YouTube and have multiple videos it is advisable to group relating videos into a playlist. This makes it a lot easier for viewers or subscribers to find what they are looking for without going through the multiple videos. They key feature of a playlist is that it doesn’t stop until everything in the playlist is covered. So, once one of your videos in the playlist is done, the next one will start automatically- the user will just keeping watching more of your videos.

How to create playlist for your YouTube channel:

Source: Derral Eves

Research your competitors

To improve your presence on your YouTube you can watch famous YouTube channels or other YouTube channels to see and learn about what kind of techniques they are using to increase traffic on their videos. Then, once you have find a YouTube Channel that has similar contents like yours, you should subscribe. This is an advantage since you can easily monitor their posts to see what they are doing good at that works and what doesn’t work as well.




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