Can you use Facebook and Twitter for Social Media Marketing?

Understanding Social Media Marketing

Social media has granted us the opportunity to communicate online to discuss popular news articles, sharing photos of events and even engaging with brands. These different discussions allow new opportunities for marketers. Marketers and business can join the conversation to generate brand awareness, create their own conversations and motivate customers to do marketing for them. Basically, social media marketing is done to execute the goal defined by developing interactive moments with customers. According to Batesole, “social media taps into the idea of using your customer as a marketing vessel” (2016). 

Your content could be liked, retweeted, shared and blogged about as it makes social media marketing effective because of its viral effect. Since social media is personal, when your users share content, the credibility increases. If your social media tactics are done poorly, it will attract unwanted attention which could negatively affect your business or your brand image.

There is much advantage when using Twitter and Facebook as social media networks as they have much ability to attract new exposure to your business. Moreover, social media provides the opportunity to get in contact with your customers. In my previous blog, Does your business use Social Listening?, I mentioned how important social media is for social listening as you can address an inquiry or concern a customer may have asked online. However, beyond customer interactions, you develop a sense of what is it important to your audience by focusing on what they share and how frequently. Having active customers, you can suggest feedback or test ideas before developing larger marketing strategies.

Moreover, having an active social media presence, you will allow your audience to indirectly support you. It will increase your overall credibility if your audience is leaving a positive comment, sharing reviews and interacting with your contents. Developing a community of advocates of your brand will be to your advantage since the community with generate viral marketing and help you reach unthinkable territories. People tend to seek recommendations from friends and social media allows you to initiate these opportunities and your brand gets exposed to a new audience. These are just few examples of the value of social media and each value might have a different motive.

The main similarity that Facebook and Twitter has, is that they are both a social media platform which helps you to connect with users. However, the are actually two different platforms. Whereas Twitter is public, real-time feed of concise thoughts ad Facebook is more of a private network used to record data and ideas with friends and family. If you want short and fast communication then Twitter would be listed first. Twitter has a splendid mobile density, with around 30% Twitter users updating their feeds multiple times throughout the day, from any mobile device. Facebook poses with the highest number of users who have graduated from college which depicts a strong middle class. Ages 24-50 are the perfect demographic as there is tremendous opportunity here.

As you may notice, the younger generation is moving away from Facebook and are fascinated with Instagram or Snapchat, to interact digitally. Equally, both men and women use Facebook. When thinking of your business strategy, know that Twitter content has a short life span. However, Facebook status updates can be noticed for several days. Facebook is a continuous conversation, while Twitter is a real-time prompt conversation. Facebook is perfect to share detailed content and create interaction on different topics. Twitter is superb for dealing with customers and provide short updates as they relate to your business.

In my previous blog, Want to know how to use Social Media Marketing for a small business?, I provided a detailed video on how to utilize Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a good tool to use to generate traffic to your site from social posts. You can make custom links to track the success of each of these efforts, by using Bitly. How to use Bitly:

Source: SkyberryStudio

You can also use this resource with custom Google campaign tags and UTM tracking in the GA essentials course on Lynda. You need to remember to write copy, create designs or find images to help your message , and then analyze your results to improve your strategy.  Having a budget is ideal to know what’s your limit. Calculate your hourly rate and include the time your or your team will be spending.

Get Started with Twitter

As a business, on Twitter you need to be creating and capturing conversations about your business. You can use Twitter to your advantage to share specifics on new products, helpful tips and behind the scenes of your business to generate and increase retention. The number one goal as a business, is to gain followers by adding value to the Twitter network. While building a visible presence, you can build your followers, expand on existing customer relationships and develop new leads. Most popular brands have a Twitter presence with a specific goal to inform and engage with current and future customers. With Twitter, you have to be committed to post regularly or your business will look disengaged and stale. Customers use Twitter to give a quick shoutout to a business on a job well done, just as much as they would like to receive a response if they have any concerns. Moreover, as a business you need to first determine if you will be able to devote the necessary resources to maintain your presence on Twitter.

In the beginning, determine if one interaction or more works best for your business, on Twitter. Interacting with your customers will allow them to evaluate your brand, search for a special offer and discover what other users are saying.

Your username is the most important brand feature as this is how users will interact with your business. As was said in Did you know that you can use Facebook for Business?, your username should be relevant to your business or describes it; avoid using any underscores. Underscores are outdated and it might be harder to remember  and type out using a mobile device. I know you might consider adding a number to the end if the username is already active but, do not use numbers. Instead, you should consider appending the acronym of the state your business is in or consider abbreviating parts of your name; the business slogan is also a great place to look for motivation. It is also recommended that you use relevant key words in your username as this will help you appear in results when customers type in the specific word. How to change Twitter username:

Source: Andrew Waatz

If you do decide to change your username, it is advised that you send a tweet to your followers to inform them of this new change; you will not lose any followers but, you may lose some connections if they do not know the new username.

You need a powerful profile with a good username to build brand presence. Let’s examine Pepsico’s Twitter account:


As you can see on Pepsico’s Twitter account, they have made their logo as their thumbnail; Twitter will scale the picture down to a very small size. Use your Twitter profile to communicate directly to your target audience; build that important experience for them. Below Pepsico’s username, they have included a bio that is short and direct as it speaks to their key points and what users may be interested to know.

The homepage of Twitter is where you’ll see your Twitter timeline which shows a stream of tweets from accounts you have followed on Twitter. Recently, Twitter has filtered tweets to allow the most important one to you, to appear first. By clicking anywhere on a tweet, it will expand the tweet and interaction options will show.


I have expanded Pepsico’s tweet and as you can see in the circled section, starting from the left, I have the option to comment, retweet, like or message the business and someone else about the content. Searching for hashtags is a great way to know what is trending ,what is happening around the world and on Twitter. Focusing on Pepsico’s page, look above suggestions and you will notice that you can see the number of tweets you’e published, how many people they’re following and how many users Pepsico is following.


How to use Twitter:

Source: Techboomers

Knowing your core marketing objective will enable you to be successful on Twitter. According to Batestole, by understanding your objective, you’ll be able to quickly identify whether or not your efforts are panning out. Now, for some brands, Twitter might simply be a customer support hub, a place to respond to customers, and engage with your community. Your goals might be measured on the qualitative scale, that is to say, you’ll have to decide if the quality of your engagements are worth the effort, only you’ll be able to make that determination (2016). Establishing brand recognition might be best for other businesses.  Developing brand recognition you will have to exercise your effort and resources to build authority in your niche. A blend of  quantitative and qualitative metrics will determine your success based on the umber of reach your tweets are getting and the number of followers will specify if your objective is being met. Product announcements, promotional opportunities for your product and links should be added to your website; this can be measured through the revenue you make which is highly quantitative. Identify your KEY objective and develop your strategy around it. Take note of your marketing objective for Twitter and conclude if you will e measuring by quality or quantity. 

Your brand image is not solely about the visual content you share but, it is about how you write, the words you choose and the type of content you share as well; this makes up the communication style. According to  Batesole, communication guidelines are really just a way of ensuring you not only stay consistent, but they’ll also point you in the right direction when deciding what, or what not, to post (2016). The first thing to consider is to outline your voice and tone, which should be done throughout your business. Mailchimp does a good job to describe the process of tone and voice with provided examples. Highlight your Twitter communication guidelines as these are also very useful if you work in a team. Being concise is your main objective in your communication guidelines as Twitter does not allow much room for a lengthy one. Your communication guideline should clearly identify what is your business and what happens behind the scenes (transparency). On your Twitter profile you should only talk about topics that are relevant to your brand and are meaningful to your audience. When there are trending topics on Twitter, make sure you have knowledgeable background on the topic before an input which is the last main objective, accuracy

Never argue on Twitter, especially as a business, about things that are not important or meaningful. Moreover, if there are negative comments about your business, take a positive approach when responding to these concerns without an argument. Also, you need to openly admit to your mistakes instead of deleting it and pretending that nothing happened. Finally, you should have your customers’ best interest and protect them; this means that you should always attend to their concerns and needs, protect their privacy and you’re being honest with the concerns that they have.

Tweet on Twitter

Just as you have a marketing objective for your twitter account, you should have one for each tweet as well. According to Batestole, A goal might be to drive traffic to your website, to encourage sign-ups for an event, or to earn re-tweets to expand the reach of your brand. The start to crafting a great tweet is to first identify this goal. Next, decide what call to action is necessary to achieve the goal (2016).

The amount of times you tweet each day on Twitter is called your frequency. Develop for your business how often you will be tweeting, whether it’s daily or weekly. How to use the retweeting feature on twitter effectively:

Source: Techboomers

Retweets generate brand recognition as it allows your tweets to be noticed and shared to other users’ feed who will then retweet it if the content is relatable and useful. The use of appropriate hashtags will also allow your business to be recognized especially if you have used a key trending word. In Does your business use Social Listening?  I also spoke about the importance of hashtags to generate brand awareness or brand recognition. Here I have provided a detailed video of how to use hashtags efficiently on Twitter:

Source: jmgrp

Build your Presence on Twitter

You need to attract your followers as the more followers you have, the more exposure your tweets will have. How to attract followers:

  1. Tweet often (only relevant interesting content).
  2. Join conversations and retweet appropriate content.
  3. Share your profile on your website and on other social platforms.

According to Batesole, who you follow on Twitter will reflect the type of business you are and what interests you. Following people on twitter will make your business known for contributing to Twitter’s ecosystem. Moreover, if users are not adding value to your feed or support your business, you do not need to follow them back; you basically want to have more followers than following.

How to use Twitter Advanced search:

Source: Social Media Worldwide

There is a variety of tool options available to help manage your Twitter account such as and IFTTT. These tools will help you organize and manage several accounts, create lists and gather content from the Internet.

Getting Started with Facebook

Previously in Did you know that you can use Facebook for Business?, I educated you abut how to navigate Facebook and use it effectively for social media marketing. I informed you of the importance of having a proper About page as well as how to use the Milestone feature. In the previous blog I also showed you with a video, how to upload videos and photos as a post, with captions.  Moreover, you should be encouraging awareness to your page. This can be done by adding valuable quality content which relates to your audience. In Did you know that you can use Facebook for Business?, I also provided much videos to help readers understand the depth of the whole interface of Facebook; it is more complex and beneficial then users predict. I also mentioned that your objective should be clear whenever you decide to post on Facebook as it will depend on how many followers you will get or not get.

Measure Your Efforts

Facebook: they have made it easy for users to manage their page to see if your interactions are growing and Facebook also provides useful metrics to determine what type of content your users prefer or like most. In Did you know that you can use Facebook for Business? I attached a video on how to use Facebook Insights since it is a really great tool to visualize how well your content are doing on Facebook. It provides you with charts and graphs to show you if there is an increase or steady growth in your performance. As a business, it is advised that you check your Facebook analytics daily, to keep track of your Facebook growth.

Twitter: Twitter Analytics provides Twitter users with a dashboard of how their Twitter account is performing, how many interactions a tweet attracted, how many favorites and shares as well. The dashboard also allows you to see at-a-glance charts which shows you the overall performance and identify any outliers in your data. How to export Twitter analytics to Excel:

Source: Mediaszar

Batesole also said, understanding your data is important to building a better strategy and a better strategy will increase the likelihood you achieve your marketing objectives (2016).

My Future

Hey! I hope this week blog was useful as it was an educating process for me as well. I currently do have a personal Twitter profile which I am not proud of since I am lacking as a business student with the content in which I should post there. However, I have created a new profile but I am not motivated to develop and interact with it properly since I do not have the same followers or follow the same people from my personal profile. Having done this blog, I now realize the importance of using Twitter as a business but also as a business you need to consider if Twitter is the right social platform for your business content.


Bartesole, B. (2017). Social media marketing: facebook and twitter. Retrieved from

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