What kind of Leadership do you posses in your business?

Preparing to Build Authority

First off, let’s talk about talent; what do you think your talents are? Well, before you start take into consideration that talents are activities where you are gifted, that you enjoy doing and where you have developed skills. Now, what is you most valuable activities (MVAs)? Consider that these activities are the ones you spent most of your time on, you would have to pay someone else most money to perform them as best as you can. Moreover, wherever your talents, MVA, advice and likes connect, this is most likely the area you would want to build authority.

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Marketing is all about time, so schedule time to focus more on developing yourself and skills. Be realistic with the time you have chosen, whether it is one hour per week which is good to start with. Try to schedule your times in a quiet area for “me” time so that you won’t be interrupted nor distracted. According to Crenshaw, by using the schedule and making just a little progress each week, over time you’ll see the accumulation of your effort and grow steadily to become an authority (2013).

Typically, in the process of  mentorship focuses on a mentor which is someone you can trust, who has already achieved success and you communicate with them regularly for more knowledge on a particular topic. How to find a mentor:

  1. Inside your company (develop a professional relationship and get their permission to ask questions frequently, in order to learn from them).
  2. Outside your company (create a schedule that works best for you both, to meet regularly for discussion).
  3. Long-distance mentorship (find a master to mentor you from afar).

According to Crenshaw, becoming an authority will take you some time, but finding another master to learn from and consistently scheduling time to learn from them will make the process easier to rise from apprenticeship to a master yourself (2013).

Building Authority within a Company

By becoming a systems expert, you have to best understand processes and procedures within a business. The systems expert is known to be the authority in a specific field since they are very important to the business. Moreover, as a systems expert they might have already recorded a few of the most critical processes that an individual needs to learn; the expert is the best to teach with authority to other people. Remember, to be successful in a position, you will need to learn from someone else. Moreover, a systems expert within a company, they are the authority, the master, the mountain guide who will best teach it to others.

In a larger business, it may be very difficult to be a systems expert; however, with consistent effort over time in conquering these systems, you will have the chance to be recognized as a system expert. When documenting the “What” during documentation, it is designed to develop a picture in someone’s mind of the end result of the system. The “Why” is the logic or motivation behind following a system. The “Who” is where you list the positions responsible for following the system. The “When” refers to any standards you want to measure in time, length or timing. The “With” is where you would list any resources the system requires. In the “How much” portion, you will list anything numerical or quantifiable such as performance standards, results, numbers or statistics; this system is created to be a training guide for use in teaching the system to an individual. Concluding, the “With what” portion, lists any resources the system requires. With regard to the “How to” section, make a simple outline that fits unto one page. “The idea is once you’ve created the system and once it’s been approved, we now want to make it available for everyone else to use and learn from. Once it’s finalized, you can begin using it to teach other people” (Crenshaw, 2013). Moreover, when you review, edit and then formalize systems you’ve creates, you will begin to improve your skills as a systems experts within the company. 

Building Authority in the Public

I have provided you with an authority ladder pyramid which will give you the main concept of how to improve your authority, starting with the easiest; bare in mind that this can take several years. It was designed as a starting point for you and you may have your own innovations to build authority. Therefore, find your position on the pyramid and then consider what the next steps are in which you can take to build your authority.


When building your library, make sure to include articles, books and videos. By creating short articles with a set schedule, it will be easier for you to create a book. If you choose to bring your skills in a video, people will hear your voice and see your work in action. By building an online network, it’s about building a social network authority to lead over existing leaders. Once you have created a group on the online network, you can focus on building your group via offline network. Build the offline group locally, so that it will be easier for people to attend.

My Future

Haha this section should be renamed as “My Present”, however, I am going along with my weekly format ritual. I saw my present since in the section preparing to build my authority, I currently do have a mentor. The amazing thing about this is that he’s from Pepsico!; yes, my future dream job. How we met was completely destined and I am so grateful for the opportunities he has extended towards me. Also, he’s Jamaican, just like myself..what a coincidence. Moreover, I completely recommend getting a mentor because of the extra wisdom and knowledge they will add to your reasoning and thinking. On the steps to becoming a leader, I think I’m at a good starting point since I have already have a mentor who is a system expert on Marketing, focusing on sales; he can teach me more about Marketing within Pepsico because of his authority.

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